Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Where to Buy Cheap, Affordable Acrylic Makeup Organizers

I have always lusted after the Kim K. Clear Cubes for makeup organization but I cannot justify spending hundreds of dollars on them. So if you are like me and want more affordable acrylic organizers then here are my recommendations!


MUJI organizers have been the talk of the town lately, especially on YouTube. They have many different styles and shapes with the most expensive organizer at $34.95. These thin 2, 3, and 5 drawer units are great for lip products, eyeliners, mascaras, or single eyeshadows so you can see all of your products in a single layer. But of course, you could use them or anything!

2. Bed Bath and Beyond

You would be surprised at some of the great finds you can get at Bed Bath and Beyond. The nice part is that there are many more BB&B stores than MUJI stores so you have the option of checking out the organizers before you buy. And you can also use the 20% off or $5 off $15 coupons that are in their catalogs which makes these even more affordable!

3. Hautelook.com

These are a few of the items on 7/26/14

Since this is a flash sale website, the makeup organizers are not available every day. But I have seen them every few weeks, so just be on the look-out. The organizers that I have seen look similar to ones you would find at Bed Bath and Beyond or the Container Store. They usually have drawers, lipstick holders, and mixed organizers. I have seen lipstick holders for as little as $2 on Hautelook, so it is worth the wait! (Of course you do have to pay shipping, but the low prices justify the shipping cost, to me.)

4. Home Goods, Marshall's, and TJ Maxx

These stores can be hit or miss but most stores usually have at least a few acrylic organizers. The items that I have seen have been mostly larger, multi-compartment organizers. Another great thing about buying from these stores is that you can see it in person before buying, like Bed Bath and Beyond.

I hope this posts gives you ideas of where you can affordable acrylic organizers! If you know of any other websites or stores please leave a comment down below!

~ Haley

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Hot New 2014 Products From NYX!

I've noticed that NYX has come out with quite a few new products recently. I thought I would share the information I have from their website and emails. Some of these new products even appear to be dupes for popular high end products!


The Suede Shadow Palette is NYX's newest eyeshadow palette. It contains 8 shades and is $12. All of the shades in this palette have some sort of pearly or metallic finish, so it might not appeal to everyone. But it does have basic neutrals with a few fun colors, and is limited edition.

The Two Timer - Dual Ended Eyeliner looks very interesting. It is a liquid eyeliner on one end and a kohl kajal liner on the other end. It retails for $10, which is a bargain if the product if both ends are actually good liners.

NYX now has an eyebrow primer called the Proof It! Waterproof Eyebrow Primer. You are supposed to apply this to your brows before powder or pencil and it is specifically formulated for thin, sparse brows. Sounds very interesting and retails for $7.

The Eyebrow Gel has a "lightweight, waterproof formula [that] creates thicker, fuller, natural-looking brows." It is said to be a dupe of the Makeup Forever Aqua Brow which is $20 and contains 0.23 oz.

These new Wicked Lashes are made of natural hair and come in 12 varieties. Some appear to have a solid black band while others have a clear band. At only $3.50, these look like something good to try!


NYX has two new face primers called Skin Elixirs. The purple one, called Renew, is said to "encourage vibrant and healthy looking skin thanks to coenzyme Q10." The green, called Balance, is said to "boost balance with [its] tea tree oils." So I guess you could say that these are primers with an added bonus. Both retail for $12 each.

This Honey Dew Me Up Primer is "inspired by honey's golden glow" and is said to "neutralize the appearnce of discoloration and redness." It also contains "light reflective gold flecks [that] create a luminous look." It retails for $17, which is expensive for NYX products.

The Wonder Stick "has a creamy finish that conceals, highlights, and contours with ease." It is available in 4 colors and is $12. This looks a lot like the Em Cosmetics Chiaroscuro contour and highlight stick which also comes in 4 shades but is $24. 


The lonely new lip product is the Lip Primer. This is said to "create the perfect canvas for lipcolor" and "ensures that lip product lasts and does not go outside the lines." It retails for $7 and comes in 2 shades.

I can't wait to find these at my local Ulta or CVS and try them out. Have you tried any of these? If so, leave me a comment below saying what you think!

~ Haley

L'Oreal Infalliable Eyeshadow Collection and Review

L'Oreal Infalliable eyeshadows have been getting rave reviews ever since they came out a few years ago so I decided to give my review on them today!

If you don't know what these are, then where have you been?! But seriously. These are pigment eyeshadows pressed into little plastic pots. They have a plastic stopper that smooshes down the shadow and keeps it "pressed."

According to the L'Oreal website, these shadows are said to last 24 hours and be waterproof, crease resistant, and fade resistant. I don't think they are all of that, but they are still one of my favorite eyeshadows from the drugstore!

I have 4 Infalliables from the permanent line and 2 from the Butterfly Collection.

Top Row: Silver Sky, Iced Latte, Amber Rush
Bottom Row: Always Pearly Pink, Liquid Diamond, Golden Sage

Silver Sky: glittery, true silver color (part of the Butterfly Collection)
This isn't my favorite shade in my collection because it is mostly glitter, not a lot of pigment. But it is stunning on the eyes if you want glitter!

Iced Latte: neutral champagne
I love this shade! It's a gorgeous color that's good for everyday.

Amber Rush: coppery rose gold
This is my favorite shade that I own. It is incredibly pigmented and applies evenly.

Always Pearly Pink: cool-toned baby pink (part of the Butterfly Collection)
This shade is kind of a let down. It is not as pigmented as the other shadows and goes on a little patchy.

Liquid Diamond: medium/deep silver with a slight purple undertone
This shade has good pigmentation and looks gorgeous on the eyes. It's not my go-to shade but I still love it.

Golden Sage: medium/deep warm green with a gold sheen
This shade is gorgeous and I need to use it more! It can be a little chunky (see the chunks in the swatch photo) but it is beautiful nonetheless.

You can see that these shadows can be a bit hit or miss and can vary in texture. But overall, I would highly recommend these to anyone looking for a pigmented shadow from the drugstore. I also can't wait to see what new shades L'Oreal comes out with!

~ Haley   

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Fun Eyeliners Picks For Spring!

Fun eyeliner colors are very on trend for spring and summer so I wanted to share some of my favorites.

Here are my recommendations!

This NYX Retractable Eyeliner in White 01 has been my go to. I love that it's retractable so that no wood gets close to my eye like typical liners that you have to sharpen. I usually use this liner in my lower water line to hide the look of allergies, because pollen can be a pain.... But you can also use this liner for the tuxedo liner look or as a base all over the lid for shadows.

This On Edge Longwearing Eye Pencil by Wet n Wild Fergie in Ex-Stacey is a bold color to pull off. I think that it is such a fun color to layer underneath a black liner on the upper lash line for the double decker effect. Some bloggers have had issues with this liner being crumbly but I haven't had any issues with that... But it is an inexpensive way to try hot pink!

The NYX Slide on Liner in Pretty Violet 03 is a gorgeous metallic purple. Since radiant orchid is color of the year, this liner is right on trend. I think the Slide on Liners are a great formula for a super-affordable price.

Ah, the Jordana 12 Hour Made to Last pencils. For $2.50 at Walgreens, these pencils are truly extraordinary. This liner in Aqua Stone is a gorgeous metallic turquoise. I love to use this on my lower lashline or in my lower waterline. It lasts extremely well and is 100% smudge-proof.

This is the newest liner to my collection and it is just gorgeous. Stila's Smudge Stick Waterproof Eyeliner in Mint Julep is a beautiful mint green. It is completely matte and glides on so effortlessly. I love pairing this with a bright pink lip for a colorful spring/summer look.

Here's a look at all of the liners swatched together.

I think that a colorful liner is a great way to mix up your beauty routine for spring and summer. A bonus is that since these liners are so long-wearing, you don't have to worry them smudging or fading throughout the day.

Do you have any other fun eyeliner recommendations? Leave them in the comments below!

~ Haley